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We like to think of St. Pius X as a close-knit family, and it is good that we pray for members of our family who have gone before us to their heavenly home: 

Margarita Heisserer Obituary

A personal note from Rick and Norma Overberg, Class of 1966

Our “history” with Margarita Heisserer began in 1962 when we entered St. Pius X High School as freshmen.  Sr. Margarita was the Librarian, the music teacher, and she taught us music appreciation. To say that she was busy was a terrible understatement.  I remember her Christmas tableau productions, her hand in the school musicals, her involvement with the first Student Council during our sophomore year, her constant push to continue our education past high school, her unending energy and enthusiasm for anything St. Pius.

While we were in college, Sr. Margarita became the Principal of St. Pius.  She hired both of us to teach at St. Pius. Rick began in 1972; I began in 1974.  It was then we experienced her unique leadership in the field of education. She introduced the Modular Schedule to St. Pius and completed the complex schedule by hand each summer.  As lifetime educators, we learned to appreciate her visionary gifts for education and her tenacity to accomplish projects. Admittedly, she frequently drove her faculty “crazy” with more ideas, more projects, more tasks, but she was driven to keep St. Pius on the cutting edge.

When she left St. Pius, we lost touch.  Later, we found out that she worked on the academic team at Northeastern University when it transitioned to Truman State.  She worked with Dr. McClain who was the President. She had previously worked with him when he was the first President of Jefferson College.  We reconnected after her retirement from Truman when she moved to St. Peters, MO.

Since one of her gifts was long-range planning, she volunteered to lead the first long-range planning team at St. Pius X High School. She was also involved in North Central evaluations during her retirement.  Her love of St. Pius never diminished.

For ten years (2008-2018), we knew Margarita as a friend.  We had moved to Wentzville to teach at St. Dominic High School.  We visited with her; Rick did odd jobs for her; we celebrated our 50th Class Reunion with her (served as her chauffeur).  We had one last visit with her at the Sarah Community where she spent the end of her life. There is no doubt in our minds, that she has already begun some new heavenly program to coordinate all of the St. Pius alums and teachers who went before her.  Thanks, Margarita, for taking on the Pius Community as one of your visionary projects.

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Graduation Year First Name Maiden Name Last Name
'17 Shelby   Meyer
'15 Justin   Kuenz
'15 Thomas   Surdyke
'13 Luke   Horn
'03 Kevin   Burke
'03 Andrew   Mann
'02 Cynthia   Banks
'01 Ryan   Burke
'01 Stephanie Medley Medley
'99 Katherine   Senkel
'99 Louis   Zinser
'98 Nick   Buchholz
'98 Michelle   Burkart
'98 Richard   King
'97 Victoria   Norton
'96 James   Crutchley
'96 Laura   Hopkinson
'96 Amanda   Smith
'95 Amanda Whiteley Bridegroom
'95 Laura Pagano Guay
'94 Ryan   Bayer
'92 Christopher   Foley
'92 Dawn Smith Hassbaum
'92 Jill   Lednick
'92 Dennis   Park
'92 William   Wingbermuehle
'91 Andrew   Somora
'90 David   Barnes
'90 Renee Gillman Haven
'90 Christopher   Kutilek
'89 Jerrie   Davis
'89 Michelle Vogel Inserra
'89 Jeffrey O   Labruyere
'89 Michael   Schnurbusch
'88 Christina   Bridwell
'88 Angie Zander James
'88 Della   Selmon
'87 Carol Ann   Ames
'87 Tina Stone Feijo
'87 Christopher   Felbab
'87 Ted   Huck
'87 Jeffrey   Reissing
'87 James   Rudisaile
'86 Rachelle Russell Ahner
'85 Mike   Merideth
'85 John   Nephew
'84 Richard   Barnes
'84 James   Gallagher
'84 David   Gibson
'84 Susan Miget Huffman
'83 Tracy   Glaser
'83 Carolyn Bauman Hightower
'83 Laura Ernst Pape
'83 Marianne   Robinson
'83 Carol Valci Turley
'82 Scott   Duda
'82 Mark   Goeke
'82 Diane Meremonte Nicks
'82 Nickolas   Ott
'82 Mary   Rabus
'82 Bryan   Sansoucie
'82 Thomas   Thebeau
'82 Laura   Zekoll
'81 Susan   Abernathy
'81 Michael   Boever
'81 Beth Lowe Marmon
'80 Marlene Stroup Bequette
'80 Jeffery   Brown
'80 Monica Morie Cordray
'80 William   Gray
'80 Jeffrey   Martin
'80 Samuel   Ogle
'80 Gary   Talken
'79 David   Duncan
'79 Michael   Godier
'79 Dwayne   Leutzinger
'79 David   Oleson
'79 N Gerard   Wall
'78 Randy   Barnes
'78 Linda Kasmarzik Bartoo
'78 Toby   Bohnert
'78 Michael   Doyle
'78 Mary Eimer Glore
'78 Toni Balmer Mitchell
'78 Joseph   Nail
'78 Donald   Patterson
'77 Robert   Becker
'77 Alaine   Gettinger
'77 Keith   Morie
'77 Ellen   Scheer
'77 Joseph   Westhoff
'76 Daniel   Barnes
'76 Joseph   Flader
'76 Steven   Gerlach
'76 Donna Abernathy Kleinhans
'76 Thomas   Schisler
'75 Paul   Dolan
'75 Kevin   Haselhorst
'75 Jane Eimer Keeney
'75 Joseph   Meyer
'75 Gregory   Steurer
'75 William   Vogt
'74 Robert   Boyer
'74 Kathy Schuh Faver
'74 James   Heberlie
'74 Jane Marie Pigg Martino
'74 Thomas   Ray
'74 Joann Haefner Richard
'74 Carl   Smith
'74 Rebecca Zimmermann Walsh
'73 Richard   Henneman
'73 Mary   Herbst
'73 Donald   Kassen
'73 Diane Henzler Kaulbach
'73 James   Macke
'73 Timothy   Mayer
'73 Richard   Pigg
'73 Mark   Smith
'73 Robert   Smreker
'73 William   Turner
'73 Jason   Usinger
'73 Robert   Walz
'73 James   Zoellner
'72 Kenneth   Alexander
'72 David   Aubuchon
'72 Herbert   Biehle
'72 Mark   Charleville
'72 Michael   Coleman
'72 Michael   Couch
'72 Nancy Smreker Govero
'72 David   Schlarman
'72 Mary Swaller Voss
'71 Paula Boyer Gallamore
'71 Philip   McCoy
'71 Garry   Moore
'71 Jane   Mullich
'71 Kenneth   Overberg
'70 Barbara Henzler Conlon
'70 Ted   Difani
'70 Robert   Macke
'70 Vincent   Schutte
'69 Brenda Siracusa Brown
'69 Philip   Furtaw
'69 Edwin   Pelikan
'69 Ronald   Ray
'69 Barbara Bond Singleton
'69 Margaret Rasch Westhoff
'69 Cathy Ahlers Wright
'68 Gilbert   Alderson
'68 Beverly Gant Belfield
'68 Frank   Doza
'68 Donald   Herrell
'68 James   Linderer
'68 Herbert   Markham
'68 David   Meyer
'68 Pauline Trunk Orban
'68 Michael   Paul
'68 Sharon Frederitzi Quinn
'68 Dolly Henneman Underwood
'68 Jon Christopher   Wagner
'68 John   Wynn
'67 Alvin   Becker
'67 Elaine DeClue Bivens
'67 Steven   Fenwick
'67 Penny Fisher Field
'67 Michael   Govero
'67 G.   Hagen
'67 Janice   Meyer
'66 Ciro   Albano
'66 Timothy   Bahr
'66 Gene   Casper
'66 Gary   Christ
'66 Linda Frederitzi DeClue
'66 William   Dickinson
'66 Thomas   Dolan
'66 Mary Gay Linderer Goodwin
'66 Terry   Harris
'66 Martin   Jokerst
'66 Daniel   Lenau
'66 Andrea   Meyer
'66 Richard   Moran
'66 Marti Vogt Murphy
'66 David   Roth
'66 Francis   Schierhoff
'66 Tony   Stevens
'66 Angela Dickinson Stone
'66 Dean   Terry
'66 Eric   Wagner
'66 William   Wingbermuehle
'66 Jacqueline Pigg Witwicky
'65 Frances Warden Altmix
'65 Kenneth   Aylesworth
'65 David   Bellanger
'65 William   Boyer
'65 Brenda LaPlant Broadfoot
'65 David   Brust
'65 Judy Bond Cheatham
'65 Marita Koch Davis
'65 Glennon   Edelen
'65 Frances Heuer Heuer
'65 Dennis   Hoven
'65 Margaret Seyfarth Huber
'65 Susan   Lalumondier
'65 Penelope Trendley Lanham
'65 James   Long
'65 Michael   Moran
'65 Mary Ann Hopmeir Morgan
'65 Rose   Ogle
'65 William   Pagano
'65 Martin   Pashia
'65 Susan Hagen Scott
'65 Rhonda Sutterfield Stansberry
'65 Dennis   Vallo
'64 Drew   Aubuchon
'64 Franklin   Aubuchon
'64 Mary White Boyer
'64 Barbara Baumann Cole
'64 Jeanette   Dixon
'64 Donald   Donze
'64 Robert   Franke
'64 Joseph   Furtaw
'64 David   Hardin
'64 Suzanne Horton Horton
'64 James   Mertell
'64 Marilyn Miller Noce
'64 Warren   Parsons
'64 Clara Ogle Renschen
'64 Judy DeClue Revelle
'64 Patricia   Richardson
'64 Larry   Thurman
'64 Alan   Vogt
'63 David   Besand
'63 Boyd   Church
'63 Tony   Drago
'63 William   Nanney
'63 Lee Ann Hogenmiller Renfro
'63 Richard   Renfro
'63 Eric   Roth
'63 Gary   Siebert