Student Life

Make the most of your four years at St. Pius X High School! 

An important part of your high school experience happens outside of the classroom, and we hope you get involved in the different student organizations, clubs, groups and variety of activities that St. Pius X offers.

Try new things and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. This is what high school student life is all about!

5 reasons to participate in student life at St. Pius X High School:

1. Become connected to your school: High Schools are full of resources, but it is your responsibility to seek them out. Being involved and open to try new things helps you to do that.

2. Build community: Since you may be leaving your grade school friends behind, getting involved helps you discover new friends with similar interests.

3. Discover your passions and strengths: These will follow you to college and all through your life. It allows you o discover what you don't like, too.

4. It's a résumé builder: Freshman year is not too soon to begin thinking about your college search.

5. Sometimes, busier kids do better in all areas: This will vary a lot by the student, of course, but more free time does not always equal better grades. Being involved will require some organization and time management on your part—and that's a good thing.