Library & Media Resources

Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Pius X Library is to provide materials in a variety of formats that support the curriculum and personal interests of the members of the St. Pius community; to teach students to access, critically evaluate, and accurately use information in an information-driven world; to encourage and prepare students to be life-long learners.

General Information

  • The collection consists of thousands of volumes which have been selected to support the curriculum of St. Pius X High School and the interests of its students and faculty
  • Online databases are available at either home or school (links are listed at the bottom of this page)
  • Over 20 magazines are available for student use

 Technology Mission Statement

St. Pius X High School strives to foster spiritual, physical, intellectual, and social growth in all students.  Recognizing the importance of technology in our world, we believe it necessary to:

  • Incorporate technology into the instructional process to encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and global learning
  • Promote student-centered learning
  • Use technology to increase the effective use of time for both students and faculty
  • Provide appropriate technology resources for students. faculty, and staff, so that they are able to communicate with all stakeholders and maximize learning opportunities
  • Empower students and staff with technical literacy skills

Ethical and responsible usage will underscore all elements of technology use at St. Pius X High School.

Technology Resources

St. Pius X High School believes that technology is integral to student learning. Faculty members have received training to incorporate technology into their classes in order to enhance curriculum.  Students must be able to use a variety of technology today in order to be prepared for the technology of tomorrow.  In light of this, St. Pius X continues to invest in its technology program, which includes:

  • School issued email accounts through Google Apps for Education which include Google Drive for collaboration, free word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation apps, as well as 5 GB  cloud storage
  • Almost 100 computers available to students
    • PC lab with 24 laptops (Windows 10)
    • Mac lab with 24 iMacs (Mac OS 10.9.4)
    • mobile cart with 45 Chromebooks
  • Faculty laptop program
  •  25 mobile projectors in classrooms and labs
  •  Mobile and fixed interactive Smartboards and Mobi mobile interactive whiteboards
  •  Faculty and student server accounts
  •  Skyward, Google, Schoology (online grades, class pages, assignment drop boxes, assignment postings, calendars, etc.)
  •  Both wired and wireless network capabilities
  •  Microsoft Office 2013 Professional, Office 2011 for Mac
  •  St. Pius X High School Technology Plan

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Research Links

Reading Rants   OWL at Purdue
The Book Seer   Easybib
    Internet Public Library
    Encyclopedia Smithsonian

For more information please contact Kevin Halley, Technology Director, at (636) 931-7487, ext. 208 or