Past Faculty Focus

Melissa Wencker, Social Studies

A Look Inside the Classroom

As part of the unit on Campaigns and Elections, the Intro to American Politics class (UMSL college credit course) worked on putting their knowledge from the textbook into action for the SPX Day of Giving. This year they focused on increasing participation for SPX Day of giving and created Pius Palooza to celebrate the community.


Ferguson, Greg


Wood, Rick

Willis, Austin

Schoemehl, Christine

Smith, Steve

Werkmeister, Gary

Kainz, Stephen

Wencker, Melissa

Moore, Dennis

Kokenge, Maria

Corio, Anne

Portell, Aaron

Woods, Jerry

Lawrence, Eric

Roskowske, Ron

Mulkey, Susana

Needham, Cathy

Zielonko, Marty

Halley, Kevin

Chibbity, Kristen

Tucker, Sharon

Aubuchon & Keeven

Czmarko, Karen 

Taylor, Scott

Robert, Stephanie