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St. Pius X High School Hall of Fame honors distinguished contributors and/or volunteers to the St. Pius X community for their vision, leadership and service. 

Thank you for your contributions to all students, past, present, and future.

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2022 Harry Cheatham and Sandy Otec Vest

Harry Cheatham, affectionately known as "Hacker" to family and friends, graduated from St. Pius X High School in 1964.  He played football, basketball, and baseball for St. Pius.  He and his late wife, Judy, who is also an alum, had 5 children. He served in the US Army from 1967-1970.  He had a successful career in the banking industry and has served as the President of our Alumni Association for over 2 years. Since retiring Harry has consistently represented the Alumni of St. Pius X at many of our events - golf tournament, car show, trivia night, athletic events, career day - to name a few.

Sandy Vest graduated from St. Pius X in 1978. Her son, Andrew and daughter, Gabrielle are both St. Pius X alumni as well. Sandy has served in many capacities since graduating from St. Pius X, most recently she served 2 terms on the Board of Directors. Sandy is an Insurance Agent for State Farm is a member of our Business Alliance program. With her office located in Festus, MO she is always giving back to her community and her alma mater. From Sandy:  ‘Truly the reason I love St Pius and support it is because of the opportunity my parents gave me years ago.  We don’t have to say how long!  Ha.  As the oldest of 7 and a daughter of a father who worked as a truck driver and a mother who stayed at home to care for us, I feel incredibly blessed that they were willing to sacrifice so much to provide an education for me and all of us whose focus was on our Catholic faith.  I am passionate about St Pius’ mission to provide a quality, faith based education to all those who want to be here, regardless of whether they can afford it. I support the school as a business owner, alum and parent of alums because I believe it is imperative we continue to do God’s work here on this earth.  St Pius is doing just that! I am blessed and grateful I can help in this mission.”


Mr. Harry Cheatham
Ms. Sandy Vest

Mr. Scott Taylor
Mr. Marty Zielonko

The Adorers of the Blood of Christ

Ms. Barb Charboneau '65

Mr. Rick Wood

Mrs. Diane Skaggs
Mrs. Joleen Finazzo
Mr. Richard McCreary

Ms. Pamela LaPlant '75
Mrs. Julie Werkmeister

Mr. Randy Dietrich '66

Mr. & Mrs. Jeanne Aubuchon
Mr. Dan Bokern

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Sullivan
Mr. Ron Navratil

Mrs. Kathy Schuh Faver '74

Coach Bill & Carol Schmidt

Fr. Donald Dalton

Mrs. Mary Oleson
Mr. Dale Vineyard
Mr. Charles Vogt  

Mr. Raymond Bequette
Msgr. Edward Deutschmann
Mr. Richard Eiler '63
Roland & Fredricka Wegmann

Mr. Al Baker
Mr. Ralph Boyer
Ms. Margarita Heisserer
Mr. Larry Krodinger '63

Mrs. Grace Day
Mrs. Irene Reecht
Senator Steve Stoll '65
Mr. Gary Underwood '68

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Mr. Amos Govero
Mr. Francis Kist
Msgr. Charles Mottin
Mr. John Peterein
Fr. Ira Bell
Mr. Fred Isenman
Msgr. Edward Meier
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