Transfer to St. Pius X

Current high school students considering transferring to St. Pius X High School should contact Ms. Breanna Bannes '15, Director of Admissions, at (636) 931-7487, ext. 117 or

Students wishing to transfer to St. Pius X during the school year must first apply for admission and take part in an admissions interview as part of a campus visit. Once the interview is completed and the application and previous academic history has been reviewed, the St. Pius X admissions office will then notify families about the admission decision.

St. Pius X High School opens its doors to students throughout the year. Please schedule a Lancer for a Day Visit and when you are ready, apply online!

We asked a student who transferred from a public school sophomore year
"What sets St. Pius X High School apart from other high schools?" 

At St. Pius there is an all-around welcoming environment from the students and teachers. As a transfer student, I can say that if you do come here you will definitely fit in and will have no problem finding friends.

Transferring to Pius was one of the best things that I've done and I actually enjoy coming to school now. I'm sure that if you join our community you will feel the same way. The students here are great, but so are the faculty and staff. If you are struggling with a certain part of school they will take time out of their lunch period to help you understand what isn't making sense. Also, there is a tremendous support of the sports teams at St. Pius. Tons of students come to games to support and cheer on the teams, and as an athlete, it just feels amazing to know that your school is behind you cheering you on. Gym classes actually train you to get stronger and faster so that you can excel, especially in sports, and if you get injured, like I did, the gym teachers will also take time to develop a conditioning program to strengthen what was injured so that you can recover quicker.

If you don't want to just take my word for it, you can shadow almost any day of the year so that you can learn how the school works. That's what I did and it made me feel so much more comfortable about transferring and after I left I had nothing bad to say about the school and I couldn't wait to start school!

Facebook review of St. Pius X from a transfer parent:

When we came to St. Pius X three years ago, we transferred from a public school here in town. Every member of the staff at St. Pius went above and beyond there normal duties to make my kids feel supported, worthy, and loved. From the moment we walked in the door we felt like we were family. It’s not just about them surrounding my kids with the extra attention they so needed. We recognized immediately that there was such a hidden treasure here. In the short time of a semester, teachers and counselors here not only helped our boys achieve academic success at levels they had never seen before, they also mentored our boys emotionally, which is that extra support that they need at this tender age. Some of these are not your average School responsibilities. But then again this is not your average school, it is St. Pius X. We could not be happier to be Lancers!

Home School or Non-Accredited School Student Information

Home schooled students or those who have attended a non-accredited school must comply with State of Missouri policies and provide evidence of the following data: (1) Documentation of Time; (2) Lesson Plan Book; (3) Portfolio of Student Work and Assessments.