Board of Directors

The board by its nature is consultative to the administration and operates with limited jurisdiction. The function of the board shall be for the exercise of shared responsibility for fulfillment of the mission as a center of evangelization and excellence in Catholic education. The board shall provide leadership assistance in developing policies for the school’s operation and maintaining excellence in academic programs intended to direct students towards a conscious choice of living a responsible Catholic life.

Lucas Null, '03 - Chairperson of the Board

Travis Bannes, '10

Steven Charleville, '16

Mike Flanagan

Ben Ervin, '94


Ex Officio Members

Jim Lehn
St. Pius X High School

Karen DeCosty ’93
St. Pius X High School

Board of Directors Standing Committees

  • Nominating
  • Academic/Student Life
  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilities
  • Catholic Identity
  • Advancement
  • Finance

Each committee is chaired by a Board member and committee membership is open to members of the wider St. Pius X community.

St. Pius X High School Board of Directors Constitution

Board Constitution