Deutschmann House

Msgr. Edward J. Deutschmann was born on October 24, 1926 and was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of St. Louis on April 8, 1952.
Msgr. Deutschmann was the first administrator/President of St. Pius X High School as the school’s doors opened the first time in 1959.
Msgr. Deutschmann was known as a very kind educator who was often seen giving his signature “locker side guidance” to students each day.
Msgr. Deutschmann was a man of firm convictions who worked with great intensity, eagerly accepting challenges as they arose. Msgr. Deutschmann was extremely generous with his time and well known for his boisterous laughter, and his love for playing poker with the school’s “founding fathers”.

Msgr. Deutschmann handed on the mantel of leadership to the school’s second president, Fr. Donald Dalton in 1969. After his years of visionary leadership, Msgr. Deutschmann would go on to be pastor at several parishes, including St. Agnes in Bloomsdale. Msgr. Deutschman died August 21, 2007 at the age of 80. For his visionary leadership as an educational pioneer, he is memori
alized forever as namesake of one of the four houses at St. Pius X High School.


Deutschmann House Pamphlet



Deutschmann House Blazonry
Sable an eagle Or; On a chief Or, three castles sable.

Deutschmann House Coat of Arms Description:
The coat of arms of Deutschmann House stands as a
testimony to the visionary leadership of the school’s
founding administrator, Msgr. Deutschmann.
Deutschmann House represents leadership,
vision, and strength.
The coat of arms is a sable (black, symbolizing
constancy and stability) field. On this sable field is
blazoned “an eagle Or”, meaning a golden eagle,
representing the bearer of these arms as a person of
action, a lofty spirit, and occupied with weighty and
grand affairs. The shield is divided with a “chief Or” or
a section of gold, whose color represents generosity. On
the “chief Or” stands “three castles sable” or three black
castles, representing the legacy of Msgr. Deutschmann
as the builder of our school.