St. Pius X High School's Philosophy

Vision Statement

We, the Catholic learning community of St. Pius X High School, strive to maintain recognized excellence in all educational programs for students of all abilities. We strive to impart Christian ethical principles of living to students, preparing them to be productive and contributing members of a global society. We, as members of the St. Pius X High School community, seek to challenge each other individually to become lifelong learners in mind, body, and soul.

Mission Statement

St. Pius X High School is a Catholic community dedicated to the education of the whole person, in an environment where extraordinary care and concern for the individual is ordinary.

 Honor Code of Conduct

St. Pius X High School feels strongly that promoting the personal integrity of the administration, faculty, staff, and students is essential to the development of the total Christian person. It is the realization of the Mission Statement. This CODE OF HONOR was developed to create an atmosphere of integrity for learning.

Academic Honesty ~ Preparation for classes, homework, tests, and term papers must be the result of each person’s own efforts. Likewise, all teachers’ preparation, corrections, and class syllabi must be performed professionally to meet high academic standards. It is, therefore, unacceptable by the ethical standards of this HONOR CODE for students to use another’s class work and/or homework, to cheat on tests, or fail to properly cite references in MLA format; just as it is unacceptable for teachers to conduct ill-prepared classes, fail to correct tests, papers, projects in a timely fashion, or fail to prepare a syllabus for class.

Ethical Integrity ~  Respect for other persons’ reputations, respect for others’ personal properties, respect for others’ family backgrounds and others’ religious affiliations demand the utmost ethical conduct by the entire community of St. Pius X both on and off campus. Ethical integrity forbids the inappropriate use of electronic devices, all signs of disrespect to other persons, all acts of stealing, all acts of vandalism, all racial, sexist, and religious slurs, all gossip, all inappropriate language, and all acts of violence toward other people.

Social Conduct ~ Courtesy and proper manners at all times, within and after the school day, are the foundation on which the HONOR CODE must function. “Please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me” are external signs that the HONOR CODE is functioning. As a member of the St. Pius X community, each student, faculty, and staff member must understand that his/her conduct on and off campus directly reflects upon the reputation of St. Pius X High School and of the individual.

The purpose of the HONOR CODE is to state officially St. Pius X High School’s commitment to moral excellence as an essential element of producing citizens of character for the community. A person who chooses to live within the spirit of the CODE will be truthful, fair, respectful of another person’s feelings, rights, and property, and will be truly committed to the Christian values that St. Pius X High School was established to promote.

REVIEWED January 2022

“What you have done is put aside your old self with its past deeds and put on a new self, one who grows in knowledge as you are formed anew in the image of the creator.”