St. Pius X High School is a comprehensive four-year Catholic co-ed college preparatory school. St. Pius X prepares students for success in various types of post-graduation lifestyles: continuation of education in a two or four-year college or technical school or entrance into the military or workforce.

The St. Pius X High School graduate will…

  • Articulate the key elements of the Catholic faith and model Christian behaviors
  • Build relationships with positive team building and leadership skills
  • Understand and develop individual learning styles in order to participate in the enjoyment of lifelong learning for mind, body, and soul
  • Communicate ideas and opinions effectively, clearly and concisely both orally and in written format
  • Embrace rigorous approach to learning, while connecting academics to relevant world applications
  • Read, research, process and present information from a variety of valid resources
  • Respect human diversity and the international community

Class of 2020 Statistics

  • 80 graduates
  • 98% went on to a post-secondary school
  • 22% attend two-year colleges or technical schools
  • 78% attend four-year public or private universities
  • 11 graduates or 16% attend a Catholic college or university
  • 59 students were awarded $2.62 million in ACCEPTED academic, leadership, merit, and athletic scholarships over two or four years of college
  • 8 seniors earned Bright Flight Scholarships from the Missouri Department of Higher Education scoring a 30 or higher on the ACT
  • Class GPA: 3.57
    • 13 students graduated with a 4.0 or above GPA
    • Top GPA was a 4.36/4 
  • ACT average 23.3
    • Top 25% of test-takers in class: 29.9 ACT composite
    • Top 50% of test-takers in class: 27.2 ACT composite
  • The Class of 2020 was accepted for admission into 60 different colleges and universities in 17 states
  • They are attending 32 different schools in 12 states