Mrs. Katie Cuba  - Dean of student support -

 "St. Pius X High School is a Catholic community dedicated to the education of the whole person, in an environment where extraordinary care and concern for the individual is ordinary." - St. Pius X Mission Statement.

At St. Pius X High School, the counseling department believes very much in the mission statement of the school. By providing extraordinary care and concern to each student, the counselors can better help the students achieve the growth and potential that they are capable of achieving.

The Counseling Department assists students through:

  • Personal Counseling
  • Counseling for School Success
  • Wellness Classes
  • Counseling offered through Catholic Family Services and Comtrea
  • Testing and Assessment with the ACT tests, Aspire and the PSAT
  • College and Career Counseling
  • On-campus visits by college representatives
  • College and scholarship applications

The Counseling Department is also part of the CARE Team, which was established to assist students in managing social, emotional, personal, or spiritual issues that may be impacting their academic success. The CARE Team is composed of school staff who meet regularly to ascertain needs of particular students and to provide appropriate assistance or referral. Students are generally referred to the CARE Team by Faculty or Administration; however, if a parent is concerned for their student, they may call Mrs. Katie Cuba (Dean of StudentSupport) and request a referral at (636) 931-7487, ext. 105.