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Faculty Focus is a campaign that highlights the powerhouse of St. Pius X High School: our incredible Faculty! These men and women work hard every day to make sure our students are well-served — through the student experience to graduation and beyond. Faculty Focus is their time to shine! This year we will be highlighting "A Look Inside the Classroom".

Throughout the year we will feature our faculty members, who will share their experiences, philosophies, and a peek inside their classroom. Be sure to check back often to view the highlighted Faculty member. 

Steve Smith, Social Studies

A Look Inside the Classroom

10 St. Pius X students participated in the Close Up Washington D.C. program. Close Up is a civic education program which uses Washington, D.C. as a living classroom to inform, inspire, and empower young people to exercise the rights and accept the responsibilities of citizens in a democracy.

Highlights of this Year’s Trip:
•  Learned about our country’s servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice by paying our respects at Arlington National Cemetery

•  Saw our nation’s founding documents such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution in person at the National Archives

•  Took part in Workshops, a small learning community comprised of students from various states, to discuss the issues that we face in our democracy today

•  Asked challenging questions and engaged with both a liberal and conservative DC insider during the Domestic Issues Debate

•  Took part in Study Visits at the Jefferson, FDR, MLK, WWII, Vietnam, Korea, and Lincoln Memorials in which unique historic sites became a living classroom for students

•  Participated in a Mock Congress in which students debated, lobbied, and voted on the same issues elected representatives are currently considering

•  Participated in Capitol Hill Day in which we met with our members of Congress and their staff to discuss the issues of our time and make our voices and opinions heard

•  Immersed ourselves in colonial America by visiting Colonial Williamsburg for a day

•  Explored Washington, D.C. by visiting the FBI building, the Capitol, the Smithsonian Museums, and historic Georgetown