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Important - Applying and sending transcripts
Applying and sending transcripts.... Read this, please....All of it. View the post here

Accounting/Finance Scholarship Opportunities
Surgent CPA Review has two scholarship opportunities for hardworking students currently studying accounting and finance at an accredited college or university (Deadline: October 31, 2018) (Deadline: November 13, 2018)

DevTeam.Space STEM Scholarship
A $1,000 scholarship to be used towards your educational and professional development goals. You can spend this on anything from coding boot camps to online programming courses, textbooks etc. More information & apply

Deadline: 3/1/19

Announcing the Copper Dome Scholarship Program - SEMO
We know your students at St. Pius X are looking for a college experience that will help them launch an extraordinary career! We also know that to enjoy the experience and get the most from it, it must be affordable for them. More information here

StapleSearch $1000 Scholarship Program
Staple Search is happy to announce this year’s Yearly Scholarship, 2019 and inviting you as a participant. If you are a student of College, University or and High School, this can be an excellent opportunity to offset your educational cost. More information here
Deadline: 2/1/19

Important UMSL Notice - No Hard Copy Transcripts
Important announcement from UMSL for Request for college credit transcripts (which only YOU can do seniors.)  Maz and anybody from St. Pius cannot do this for you.  You all need to do this after you graduate if your college needs them.  This really cannot happen until late June. If you have any college credit from UMSL See here for more information

Summer job opportunity
The John J. Steuby Company is looking for mechanically inclined students. This can lead to year round employment thru their Weekly Machinist Training Program.  This leads to an apprenticeship and then to become a lifetime Production Machinist.  Apply in person MOnday-Friday before 3 pm.  Contact or 314-895-1000. This is part time now on Saturdays with possible full time in the summer.  See maz to see the flyer

Jefferson College Accelerated Learning Lab
Test prep course and testing at Jefferson College. More information here

Job opportunity
Betty Hardin from Bloomsdale Bank in Crystal City called to offer a part time job for a bank teller at this branch. More information

Car Seat Safety Scholarship Program ($3500)
It gives the chance for three lucky students seeking higher education to lessen the burden of their financial strain. Our scholarship requires an application and either an essay or a video answering one of three questions. More information & apply
Deadline: 12/28/18

Marlboro College - Pre-College Summer Programs
During the Pre-College Program at Marlboro, you will explore interdisciplinary interests, gain new perspective, and meet passionate people. Aimed at rising juniors and seniors (ages 15–18), this experience allows you to get a taste of liberal arts education and to discover what college learning is all about. College credit available. More information & apply

Recovery Village Health Care Scholarship ($1,000)
The Recovery Village is dedicated to maintaining exceptional service while providing unique opportunities for education and personal development. As part of this commitment, The Recovery Village is offering a $1,000 scholarship to students pursuing a medical-related course of study. More information & apply
Deadline: 6/30/18

Maryville University - Resources for First Generation College Students
The article provides insight about the college financial aid process, choosing a major, and tips for parents. 

Summer Academies from Mizzou CAFNR
Students can learn more about majors and career opportunities with CAFNR summer programs! More information here

Kidguard - $1500 Annual Scholarship Resource for Students
KidGuard Education is offering multiple $500-$1,000 scholarships for students at St. Pius X High School. Within the last two years, KidGuard Education has provided $8000 in scholarship to support students of all professions.  This scholarship will now be an annual opportunity. The application deadline is every year on Oct. 31. More information here   
Deadline: 10/31/18

Tulsa University offering music camps and workshops this summer for high school students
Summer music camps at Tulsa University.  This is a top notch school! Academy for Pianists, Summer Jazz Camp, Vocal & Choral Camp more information here

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The St. Pius X College Placement Office helps students and parents understand the complexities of the college admissions process. I work one-on-one with each student to assess their academic and personal needs, leading to an appropriate selection of institutions at which to apply.

Mr. Marty Zielonko




A member of the St. Pius X community since 1977.

(636) 931-7487, ext. 142

B.A. Benedictine College

M.A. Southeast MO State University

Visiting Colleges & Universities 

  • Over 54 colleges, universities, technical and military schools visit St. Pius X High School annually

  • The 693 Program: 6 class wide college tours to 9 colleges and universities in a student’s first 3 years of high school

  • Family college visits

  • College events calendar - list all upcoming college visits to St. Pius, open houses, visiting opportunities, and more

I cannot emphasize enough personally visiting colleges early and often. Car trips to and from campuses are great times to process what the College Search Process is all about. It is time and money very well spent. Making the right college choice based on experiencing the place and investigating its programs and having other schools to compare it against help lead to a sound educational choice with lifelong consequences!

College Credits and the College Search Process

St. Pius X High School offers college credit courses through St. Louis University and University of Missouri St. Louis. 

The result of taking College Credit classes and earning CC credits could include three possibilities:

  1. The college accepts the college credits as a direct replacement.

  2. The college accepts the credits but applies them to the general education credit requirements of the college.

  3. The college does not accept any college credits taken in high school or caps the number taken.

The advantages of numbers 1 and 2 include the student entering college with a higher class status. This allows for a higher priority status when enrolling for the courses that semester and every semester afterwards. The same thing applies to choosing student housing each year.

Another overlooked advantage is when a student is faced with a particularly tough semester schedule he or she may choose to take one less class this semester. Another advantage is in becoming eligible sooner for internships and study abroad.

There is always risk involved. As stated in number 3, college credits may not transfer at all. Colleges are constantly changing their policies regarding college credit transfers. When making your college selection, be sure to know the college's policy regarding college credit transfers. It may sway your final decision.