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Jefferson College Scholarship Application
Very important Jefferson College Scholarship information.  One site for over 100 scholarships!

ATSU Truman Healthcare Academy
This summer academy from June 16-22 offers students interested in health professions an opportunity to explore future careers in medicine while gaining a deeper understanding of the theories and techniques of these exciting fields.  

This program is competitive and limited to 50 students. See maz to get the application and details. Visit for more information Our Nomination Deadline is Nov. 30.  your application deadline is Feb. 1, 2019.

SLU Jesuit Community Scholarship
Saint Louis University Admitted? or still applying?  See maz about their great SLU Jesuit Scholarship.  One senior from St. Pius gets this.  It is based on financial need so FAFSA must be finished before applying for this. See maz for details and the 500 word essay topic asap and we will begin the internal process of choosing one senior.
This internal deadline is Monday, Dec.3 - More information

Webster University - Upcoming BFA Concert
Dancers out there in Piusland:  These are neat and inspiring things to attend.  In fact al the Fine Arts and Performance Arts in the college setting are incredible even if you have never paid attention to this aspect of a collegiate community. 

CNBC: Free college money with a twist: Here are the most unusual scholarships currently available
Scholarship with a twist.

News from State Tech!!
This is a good one for Tech Bound juniors.  NOW is the time to visit schools.

Scams to avoid when applying for college scholarships
Yahoo finance video on things to lookout for when applying for scholarships

Fontbonne University Preview Day
Fontbonne Preview Day - 11/13/18

2018 School of Allied Health Open House Invitation
Allied Health Care Open House at SIU- Carbondale - 11/29/18

MOCPA Scholarship
High school seniors are eligible to receive $500 toward their college education.  Applicants must be: MOCPA high school student members, which is free of charge and can be obtained online.
Deadline: 1/23/19 More information here 

Optimist Essay Contest - Sponsored by Twin City Area Optimist Club
Topic: "When All the World's Problems are Solved, is Optimisn Still Neccessary?"
Deadline: 2/1/19 More information

Introducing College Board Opportunity Scholarships
Scholarships available from College Board

Want to study earthquakes? Volcanoes? Other planets/moons/asteroids? 
See maz ...For this amazing handout from Mizzou that they sent me on their two different undergraduate programs in Geology!  If you do not really know what...more information

FIRE - The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education hosts an essay contest
FIRE - The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education hosts an essay contest.  This requires a 800-1,000 word essay on the provided topic.  9 awardees with a range of $500 - $10,000 will earn scholarships. Go to
Deadline Dec. 31

Summer Opportunity already being posted
High school Summer Experiences at Washington University can be found at

Rockhurst Nursing Update
Important update regarding Rockhurst and their nursing program. Also, even if not looking at nursing, look at the other offerings and programs.

Plagiarism Resource
The infographic explains the different types of plagiarism, what problems plagiarism can cause, and why students either accidentally or purposefully commit plagiarism in college. This tool will be extremely valuable to college-bound students who need valuable college advice.  

B. Davis Scholarship ($1,000)
This Scholarship is available to all high school juniors and seniors as well as all students currently registered in any post secondary institution.
There is no age restriction, Be sure to include your name and the school you are attending this year and next, & This is not an academic scholarship but we would like to know where you are going to school now and what your future academic plans are.
Deadline: 5/24/19 More information & apply

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The St. Pius X College Placement Office helps students and parents understand the complexities of the college admissions process. I work one-on-one with each student to assess their academic and personal needs, leading to an appropriate selection of institutions at which to apply.

Mr. Marty Zielonko




A member of the St. Pius X community since 1977.

(636) 931-7487, ext. 142

B.A. Benedictine College

M.A. Southeast MO State University

Visiting Colleges & Universities 

  • Over 54 colleges, universities, technical and military schools visit St. Pius X High School annually

  • The 693 Program: 6 class wide college tours to 9 colleges and universities in a student’s first 3 years of high school

  • Family college visits

  • College events calendar - list all upcoming college visits to St. Pius, open houses, visiting opportunities, and more

I cannot emphasize enough personally visiting colleges early and often. Car trips to and from campuses are great times to process what the College Search Process is all about. It is time and money very well spent. Making the right college choice based on experiencing the place and investigating its programs and having other schools to compare it against help lead to a sound educational choice with lifelong consequences!

College Credits and the College Search Process

St. Pius X High School offers college credit courses through St. Louis University and University of Missouri St. Louis. 

The result of taking College Credit classes and earning CC credits could include three possibilities:

  1. The college accepts the college credits as a direct replacement.

  2. The college accepts the credits but applies them to the general education credit requirements of the college.

  3. The college does not accept any college credits taken in high school or caps the number taken.

The advantages of numbers 1 and 2 include the student entering college with a higher class status. This allows for a higher piority status when enrolling for the courses that semester and every semester afterwards. The same thing applies to choosing student housing each year.

Another overlooked advantage is when a student is faced with a particularly tough semester schedule he or she may choose to take one less class this semester. Another advantage is in becoming eligible sooner for internships and study abroad.

There is always risk involved. As stated in number 3, college credits may not transfer at all. Colleges are constantly changing their policies regarding college credit transfers. When making your college selection, be sure to know the college's policy regarding college credit transfers. It may sway your final decision.