Support Programs

Academic Help is always available at St. Pius X High School!

St. Pius X High School believes in giving extraordinary care and concern to each individual student. We offer several programs to help a student who is struggling academically.

Academic Intervention Program

A student may be put on Academic Intervention when they have earned two or more F’s. The intervention begins with the counselor meeting with the student to discuss the current academic status. Parents will then be contacted. Students on Academic Intervention must attend the ASAP (Academic Success Assistance Program until they have earned a C or better in all of their classes). The purpose of this intervention is to make the student aware of the consequences of failing grades, prevent semester failures, and develop a plan of success.

Academic Success Assistance Program (ASAP)

Academic Success Assistance Program/ASAP is a structured study hall that meets Monday through Thursday for the first half of lunch. Students are provided with missing assignment lists as well as peer tutors. Teachers are also available to come help and answer questions. Students not mandated to come to ASAP everyday may choose the option of coming twice a week (M/W or T/Th). 

Mandatory Learning Center

Mandatory Learning Center meets every Friday morning and is for students who have not completed their assignments during the week. Tutors are available to assist students, and the extended time (80 minutes compared to 25 minutes in ASAP) allows for more in-depth work on papers or multiple assignments. 

Intervention Team

The St. Pius X High School Intervention Team has as its foundation the mission statement “where extraordinary care and concern for the individual is ordinary.” In order to better accomplish this mission, the Intervention Team was established to assist students in managing academic, social, emotional, personal, or spiritual issues which may impact their success. The Intervention Team is composed of school staff who meet regularly to ascertain the needs of particular students and to provide appropriate assistance or referral.


St. Pius X High School uses SKYWARD. This is an online program that allows teachers to update grades onto the internet. This is a secure site that only those with passwords can log onto. Each parent and student have 24-hour access to grades. Teachers are required to update grades once a week. Teachers are also encouraged, not required, to post information such as test dates, worksheets, and even class notes.