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The St. Pius X High School library  subscribes to nine online databases and one eBook service that are available both at school and at home via the Internet. The databases are: 


  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context -- a one-stop source for information on today's hottest social issues provides information on all sides of the issue. It features viewpoint articles, topic overviews, full-text magazine, academic journals, newspaper articles, primary source documents, statistics, images and podcasts, and links to Websites. It is fully searchable and includes Lexiles for select content
  • Student Resources in Context-- a general database that offers full-text articles in subjects like history, literature, science, social studies and more. It includes reference materials, periodicals and newspapers, primary sources, creative works, and multimedia content (podcasts, video and audio clips, graphics, etc.) It is fully searchable and includes Lexiles for periodical content.
  • SIRS Issues Researcher-- offers relevant, credible resources that tell the whole story on the major issues of the day. Thousands of highly targeted documents, primary source documents, websites, and multimedia (including 13,000+ research-quality images) represent viewpoints from the pros and cons, and everything in-between.It is fully searchable and includes Lexiles for select content.
  • Ancient and Medieval History Online -- thorough coverage of nine civilizations covering prehistory through the 1500s. Users can research each civilization in depth or use the browse feature to conduct comparative studies of events and developments across civilizations. Resources include biographies, primary sources, timelines, image and video galleries, and more!
  • Modern World History Online -- covers the full scope of world history from the mid-15th century to the present. Thousands of fully hyperlinked subject entries, biographies, images and videos, maps and charts, primary sources, and timeline entries combine to provide a detailed and comparative view of the people, places, events, and ideas that have defined modern world history.
  • American History Online -- spans more than 500 years of American political, military, social, and cultural history. Provides a comprehensive range of information in one complete resource—subject entries, biographies, primary sources, images and videos, maps and charts, timelines, and more.
  • Gale Virtual Reference -- a collection of eBooks spanning a variety of topics.  These are downloadable to various tablets and e-readers.