Welcome to the St. Pius X Student Services Center! Here students can receive support in the form of academic support, emotional support, emotional support and tech support. The center provides a place for students to work/assessments due to absences or educational support. The following support personnel are located in the student services center:

Dean of Student Support

The Dean of Student Support is both our Learning Consultant and Counselor. The responsibilities of this office are to create and implement learning profiles for students with a learning disability or psychological diagnosis. They also provide emotional support to our students. In addition the Dean of Student Support works with all students who are struggling academically. 

Dean of Student Data and Intervention

The Dean of Student Data and Intervention functions as an interventionist in regards to student behavior and data. They are responsible for all disciplinary issues. They are part of the school’s intervention team and assists by tracking grades and testing data. This data is then shared with the faculty and administration to help with curriculum planning and providing appropriate student interventions. 

Director of Technology

The Director of Technology is responsible for all of the technology in the building. They maintain the infrastructure to allow for high functionality. The Director of Technology is also responsible to provide troubleshooting to our students with their devices.