St. Pius X Senior Capstone Project

The St. Pius X Senior Capstone Project provides students the opportunity to

  • reflect on their four years of learning and growth, 
  • connect their work to post-secondary goals, 
  • provide opportunity to demonstrate the skills, talents, and maturity one has developed during their high school career, and 
  • discover ways in which God may be calling one to contribute to their community to serve and be an example of Christ to others. 

Students at St. Pius X High School take part in this project as part of their graduation requirements.


Learning and Growth: Throughout their four years, each student is required to complete a variety of activities and assignments that demonstrate personal, spiritual, and academic growth that eventually become part of the Capstone Project. Some activities and assignments are a personal reflection with intentional forward thinking. Others include a demonstration of academic progress and success.  


Service Learning Project. Each student is required to take part in a service learning project.

Proposal: Proposal forms will be distributed at the beginning of Junior year and are due by the end of Junior year. The sooner the topic is approved, the sooner the student can begin working on the required hours.

Project: The service learning project must consist of a minimum of 20 hours of service and must be with a service organization. This service learning project is based on your identified area of need in your community that allows you to apply your knowledge and mastery of your research area. Students have until March 1 of their senior year to complete these hours. Service must fall under Works of Mercy and must be approved. 

Research: Each student will write an 8-10 page research paper on social justice as it pertains to their service learning project. For example, if you choose to serve God’s poor at a soup kitchen as your service, then your paper should be on homelessness and the need/purpose of soup kitchens. Primary and Secondary sources are required. This paper is a part of the semester exam in the Social Justice class.


Post Secondary Goals: Each student will participate in college visits and job shadowing experiences. These opportunities build on other career exploration and self-discovery activities completed in classes. Students will also create their resume and a cover letter.


Portfolio: The St. Pius X Capstone Project includes an organized submission of a portfolio (due March 31 of Senior year) which includes the following items:


  • Title Page
  • Table of Contents
  • Resume and Cover Letter (completed sophomore year)
  • Reflection Paper
    • Personal Growth
      • Personality Tests
      • Legacy Essay
      • Mission Statement (beginning with class of 2025)
      • State of Self Paper (beginning with class of 2025)
    • Spiritual Growth
      • Service Learning Project Proposal
      • Service Hours (print from MobilServe)
      • Annual Catholic Appeal Essay
      • Service Learning Project Paper
    • Academic Growth
      • ACT Test Scores
      • Report Cards
      • Examples of Work (1 sample from each of the following: math, science, English, & subject of your choice)
    • College Search 
      • College Visit Forms (2)
      • Application/Scholarship Essays
      • Acceptance Letters
    • Career Search Process
      • Job Shadow Forms (2)
      • Career Interest Inventory (class of 2024 = Scoir/YouScience; beginning with class of 2025 = Missouri Connections)
      • ASVAB Results


Poster Project: Students are required to create a display board to include information to demonstrate their time here at StPX. The display board should include, but not be limited to, photos and artifacts of academic growth, job shadow experience(s), service learning project, memorable moments, and reflections from high school as well as plans for the future.  This display board should be Elmer’s 40 in x 28 in, 48 in x 36 in, or a different brand using the same dimensions.  (Due March 31st)


Senior Capstone Evening: On an April evening, St. Pius X High School will host a “Senior Capstone” evening. Teachers, board members, community members, parents, and potential families are invited to attend the event. Seniors will be placed throughout the building standing next to their poster project. Attendees have the opportunity to walk around and see what the students have accomplished and ask them questions.


The St. Pius X High School Capstone Project is a Pass/Fail Graduation requirement. There are many items within this project that are graded assignments in specific courses.  Other items are important to have completed, but not something that will be graded. Total completion of the project requires all components listed above. A detailed checklist and all documents and forms are in the students’ Capstone class on Google Classroom.