"I was so impressed after meeting the faculty during Academic Night. I am very excited about sending both of my kids to St. Pius X. The teachers seem so passionate about what they are doing. Each and every teacher I met radiated the love they have for teaching. They really care about the kids and their success. Trevor and Maddy's education is our #1 priority, and it is so nice to know that they are surrounded by such a wonderful group of teachers and faculty."  - Rhonda Kassen, '88 current parent

"I believe in St. Pius X High School and am very proud to be a graduate. St. Pius has provided an excellent academic experience in a faith-based environment for me, my siblings and my daughter. My four years were a joy and a challenge that brought me closer to God and made me appreciate the great gift of Catholic education."  - Pam LaPlant, '75 past parent

"Making choices is a part of everyday life, making the choice about your child's education is a responsibility and commitment to their life's success. This choice is the first in a series of some of the most important decisions you and your son/daughter will make together. Continue your commitment to Catholic education and join the extraordinary community of St. Pius X High School."  - Beth Duepner, current parent

"After researching several all-girl private schools in St. Louis, both of our daughters chose to attend St. Pius X High School. Because of the safe environment and close-knit 'family' of students and staff, the atmosphere made them feel welcome. Both girls are thriving and feel they're right where they belong. And, with the tuition being one of the most economical in the St. Louis Archdiocese, we feel we're getting tremendous value for our tuition dollars. It's a win-win situation for our whole family!"  - Scott Held, current parent

"St. Pius X High School is a winner when it comes to the small class sizes. I believe this allows the students ranging from the incoming freshman to meet sophomores who have now mastered their freshman year; ask juniors what it is like to be an upperclassman and to seek the guidance of senior classmate." - Anonymous, current parent

"Receiving a Catholic education has always been very important to me and my family. We are blessed to have sent three of our children to St. Pius X and are very pleased with the values they have learned at this school." - Susan Haar, past parent

"The statement "extraordinary concern is ordinary" is what St. Pius stands for. The St. Pius community is always there to support one another in even the hardest times and it is during those times that we as a community learn to be strong. At St. Pius every day you strive to become a better person, open your mind to an education and learn religious and life values. All of which are essential to ensure the development of a successful individual." - Brittany Copeland, '11

"The St. Pius X community is like a family to me; I feel like I belong and am wanted here. The care and concern at St. Pius can be described as nothing less than extraordinary. I know that this quality St. Pius possesses is rare to find in schools and I am thankful to know that I am part of it." - Kyle Klahs, '10

"I have been very pleased with St. Pius X. I feel the school is academically challenging and is giving our children a sound and strong foundation for college. One of my favorite things to share about St. Pius is the kindness shared by its students and staff. It has a "family feel. St. Pius has been everything we had ever hoped for in a high school experience for our children. The exposure to other schools and programs while in Michigan provides us a sound basis to assess and compliment the tremendous opportunity St. Pius offers to all that come through their doors." - Bret & Debra Klahs, current parents

"St. Pius X is a school where it can be fun and you learn a lot at the same time. Everyone there cares about you and your actions." - Melissa Collins, '11

"I appreciate the care and concern that the staff presents to the students."  - Dennis Collins, past parent

"At St. Pius X High School it is easy to get along with one another and make friends, everyone is close and will help out whenever you need it."  - Hayden Smith, '11

"We have sent our three kids to St. Pius X High School. They have been given the tools to grow academically and spiritually. We feel confident that this education will be an excellent foundation for their adult lives." - Tina Smith, current parent

"I think the athletics at St. Pius teach the boys and girls how to be more responsible and respectful of their coaches and each other."  - Todd Smith, current parent

"St. Pius X succeeds in nurturing students into becoming well-rounded adults by focusing on all aspects of learning and growing. Students are given opportunities to learn in the classroom, on the playing field, and in everyday life; all based on Christian values." - Anonymous, current parent

"The St. Pius X community is like a family; I love being able to walk down the halls and know everyone by name. I have branched out and found my true passions and talents with the help of my classmates, teammates and teachers." - Anonymous, current student

"St. Pius has been our choice for secondary education for our daughter because we believe that the environment offered in the classroom is an extension of the Christian conservative values we follow in our own home." - Gary and Betsy Stefan, current parents

"As a student of St. Pius X, I have come to find out the various stories I have heard are completely true. It was always rumored, from friends who had attended to other random people, that the staff of the school were friendly, the class sizes were smaller than average, and the student body sizes were so small you knew everyone in your class by the fall of freshman year. Having just completed my freshman year I have learned that all of these elements and aspects of St. Pius are true and can be witnessed during any given day."  - Kate Stefan, Class of 2012

"St. Pius X is just one of those schools you fall in love with!! It is full of great students, teachers and the environment is a fantastic place to learn." - Kristyn Duepner, Class of 2012

"St. Pius X is a safe community, I feel safe walking down the halls, It's home!" - Elizabeth Olinger, Class of 2012

"When asked that "St. Louis" question…"where did you attend high school?" I proudly say "St. Pius X High School." - Denise Kist, alumni

"St. Pius X High School is a place where faith, family and academics are what it is based upon. It has taught me to keep my faith at the center of everything, know the importance of family and lasting friendships and to work hard in school, not just to please others, but to please myself" - Olivia Richardson,'11

"My son has experienced many fond memories and has become such a wonderful young man from the experiences he has had at St. Pius X. He has displayed and learned many values since first discovering St. Pius X. He shows great leadership skills because of the pride he has in his school." - Debbie Earley, current parent

"We chose St. Pius X for our daughter because Christianity is at the base of all it teaches." - Ruth Richardson, past parent & alumni

"Our son has matured and shown great responsibility since becoming a part of St. Pius X. He shows great enthusiasm in attending school and participating in school events. He is honored to represent his school." - Patrick Earley, current parent

"I like St. Pius X because of the way everyone cares for each other and how everyone looks out for each other. Also, I like Pius because of the atmosphere it is there it is just not like this in other schools." - Nick Earley, Class of 2012

"St. Pius X has a very home-like environment. All the teachers make you feel welcome and do what they can to help you do the best you can." - Kayla Null,'11

"The education that the students are receiving from St. Pius X is top-notch. I am happy to see that religious activities, like the Pro-Life trip, are well attended and that Father Dalton's homilies still have a timely and heartfelt message." - Linda Kist Null, past parent & alumni

"St. Pius X is the kind of high school you end up wishing you went to if you don't already. There is just this unique environment that creates for a great learning environment and great place to make high school memories." - Kaitlin Davis, '10

"St. Pius X has prepared our daughter very well for the academic challenges of a college environment. Study skills, involvement and handling responsibilities have given them confidence and a maturity that surpasses most high school students." - Professor Bob Johnson & Andrea Johnson, past parents

"We, as parents of a recent graduate and also a current student appreciate the emphasis on future education beyond high school. The encouragement to find a college or university that suits the individuals need is outstanding as well." Marvin and Nancy DuBuque, parents of Mary'08 and Joe '11 DuBuque

"St. Pius X is a great school to continue growing academically and spirituality. I enjoy attending St. Pius because everything the teachers do is for the students; they not only prepare us for college, but for life. The teachers are what make this school really unique and a great place to learn." - Joe DuBuque, '11

"Looking back on my freshman year at Pius, I think what impressed me most was the opportunities given to students to become involved in community service. At St. Pius X we are required to provide 100 hours of service in order to graduate. I already have 45 hours completed by doing things like taking dinner to a homeless shelter and helping serve, going to Jefferson City and lobbying against the Freedom of Choice Act, raising money to fund building a house in Haiti, and soliciting donations of clothing and baby items for a Birthright baby shower. St. Pius X posts opportunities for community service in the hallway! These opportunities offered me a chance to step back from my busy day to day high school life and realize that there is a bigger world out there with people less fortunate than myself that I am responsible for helping. St. Pius X helps me honor that mission." - Elaine Surdyke, Class of 2012