Facility Usage Policy/Procedures and Agreement

  •  St. Pius X High School

    Facility Usage & Rental Information

     St. Pius X High School
    1030 St. Pius Drive
    Festus, MO 63028

    The following procedures outline requirements for requesting use of any St. Pius X High School facility.

    Applications can be attained by:

    • Contacting St. Pius X High School’s Athletic Director
    • Downloading from the St. Pius X High School website.

    Please be sure that you submit a current Certificate of Insurance that includes and Additional Insured Endorsement at the time of submitting completed usage request form. Entities of the Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis do not have to submit insurance, only submit proof of affiliation.

    St. Pius X will make all attempts to fill requests, when such use is not in conflict with school operations. Such use will be only at such times as the facilities requested are free from St. Pius X school and extracurricular activities. St. Pius X reserves the right to deny or cancel any application for use when any such use may in any way be prejudicial to the best interest of the schools or when conflicts with other school events occur.

    All requests should be submitted to the school office. Completed packets must include the following forms when applicable:

    o  Facility/Field Application

    o  Signed “Conditions for Facility Use” form

    o  Current Certificate of Insurance (naming St. Pius X as an additional insured) o  Fee payment deposit (See Below)

    Fee Schedule (per hour)

    $30 per hour - Charboneau Field, Bokern Field and Baseball Field          

    $40 per hour - Dalton Stadium, Main Parking Lot and All indoor facilites.

    • Only applications that include an approved certificate of insurance will be considered.
    • Upon review, if the facility is unavailable or the application is incomplete, a representative
      from St. Pius X will contact the applicant either by phone, email, in person or U.S. mail.
      Approval of your organizations’ Insurance IS REQUIRED prior to your application being
    • All organizations granted approval for facility use MUST pay in full the amount being assessed for all rental and equipment fees PRIOR to formally having the dates placed onto the facility use calendar. In certain situations, the district will consider in-kind donations in lieu of usage fees if specific circumstances are warranted.
    • Refunds will be made only if the organization contacts the school 48 hours prior to the scheduled use OR if weather facilitates cancelation OR the school initiates the cancelation.

    All checks should be made payable to: St. Pius X High School

    Mail check and contract to:

    St. Pius X High School
    Attn: Athletic Director
    1030 St. Pius Drive

    Festus, MO 63028

    For faster processing, please add your invoice number to the check and include the note: Facility Use Payment

  • General Conditions for Facility Usage

    1. User agrees the property and facilities of St. Pius X High School shall be used only for purposes that conform to, and in a manner consistent with, federal, state and local law and the policies and procedures of the school and only for the purposes described herein.
    1. Groups MAY be required to pay a CUSTODIAL fee per hour as specified along with other necessary fees. Some facilities may require that a CUSTODIAN or approved district employee be present during the duration of event/activity, based on decision of school administration. Custodial fees are to be paid at time service is rendered at BEGINNING of event.
    1. User agrees to abide by all fire, safety, traffic and parking, and public safety requirements of the school.
    2. Smoking or use of tobacco products is NOT permitted in ANY school facility or any area of the campus (outside and parking lots included).
    1. The sale, consumption of possession of alcoholic beverages shall not be permitted on school premises at any time. Nor shall any person who is in a drunken of intoxicated condition, or under the influence of liquor, be permitted on school premises. The primary contact person above will be held responsible for the enforcement of this rule.
    1. The use of profane language or gambling in any form is not permitted in any school facility or throughout the campus.
    1. No use of equipment shall be granted unless an instructor or attendant, approved by Administration, is in charge of the rooms or equipment.
    1. Use agrees to responsible or any damages to school facilities and/or property or injury to other persons caused by persons using the facility under this agreement.
    1. User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless St. Pius X High School, its administrators, employees, agents and volunteers from any and all claims, suits, actions and liability arising or alleged to arise out of injuries of damages sustained by any person as a result of the use of the district facility under this agreement, notwithstanding the negligence of St. Pius X High School, its administrators, employees, agents and volunteers.
    1. User agrees to provide to the school proof of comprehensive general liability insurance of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence which names the school as an additional insured. The school reserves the right to cancel this Agreement if such proof of insurance is not provided at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled use and maintained throughout the use. Failure to abide by the terms of this Agreement may result in the immediate termination of the Agreement by the school.
    1. If a previously scheduled school event requires the use of this facility, or conditions exist that in the eyes of the authorized school personnel create safety concern, the event may cancelled and fees returned.
    1. For single & multiple usage events, all fees must be paid at the time reservations are confirmed. Payment is to be made by check payable to St. Pius X High School.
    1. Refunds will only be given when the school elects to cancel a scheduled event. During the school year, facilities ARE NOT available Monday-Friday when school is NOT in session due to holiday break, inclement weather day, etc.
    1. The school reserves the right to cancel this reservation if, in its sole discretion, it has reason to believe the facility use will conflict with the General Conditions above. The school also reserves the right to change reservations to other rooms/areas with the understanding that, if possible, comparable facilities will be provided. The school may cancel any scheduled event at its own discretion event on short notice (i.e., inclement weather, power failure, maintenance issue, etc.).
    1. Users of school facilities will abide by all General Conditions.


    RETURN completed form, along with the requested proof of insurance and SIGNED “General Conditions” to the school Main Office. All requests will be processed through the Athletic Director’s office and requestors will be notified.


  • Are you a member/team of a St. Louis Archdiocesan Agency (i.e., CYC, parish, etc.)
  • Will you be collecting admission for the event
  • Do you anticipate guests with special needs/physcial challenges
  • Will restrooms need to be available?
  • Will outside equipment be delivered/picked up
  • Will you need additional school equipment (i.e., projector, microphone, scoreboard, etc.- A sperate charge may apply)