House System

Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, St. Pius X High School will be the first school in the region to implement a House System. A House System is designed to foster student engagement and school spirit through the assignment of every student, teacher, and staff member into one of four groups known as Houses. Houses create small communities where students can interact with all grade levels while encouraging accountability, communication, tradition, academic excellence and friendly competition. All past, present and future students of St. Pius X High School will be assigned to a house: Borgia House, Dalton House, Deutschmann House and Genevieve House.  Houses have been appropriately named after influential leaders and contributors to the mission and goals of St. Pius X. Houses are forever, so future reunions, homecoming, and other alumni events become even more sacred and steeped in tradition.
Schools that have utilized a House System have found more unity and pride in their school, a greater involvement in community and a raised awareness for giving. Our House System will prepare students for success in their post-secondary studies and careers through increased team-building and leadership opportunities. Studies show that schools with House systems have happier students and have more school spirit than they did before starting a House system. St. Pius X is committed to academic excellence. The opportunities for student engagement and success through a House system are endless. The implementation of a House system shows our progressive and innovative vision for the future of our school and the continued growth and development of our student body and school community.

 Additional Facts:

  • Houses allow students to interact with students from all grade levels as well as members of the faculty and staff.
  • Each house has its own colors, motto, coat of arms, and a t-shirt.
  • Houses will compete for points throughout the year in the areas of academics, athletics, service/spirituality, school spirit, accountability, and participation in programs to earn the title “House of the Year”.
  • Houses are a great way to know more people outside of the classroom setting.
  • Houses are a source of positive peer-accountability and motivation that have positive effects in the classroom.
  • Marquee events bring more fans to athletic and fine arts events.              

Alumni are included in the House System.
Each class has been assigned to houses according to graduation year. In the future, alumni may be contacted by their "house" student representative inviting them to an event, house activity updates or asking for professional help with a project.