Close Up Washington D.C.


Since 1971, over 900,000 students and teachers have come to our nation’s capital to experience first-hand the power of the political process and how it directly affects them.

Close Up’s founder Steve Janger saw a growing cynicism amongst young people surrounding American government and policies during a tumultuous time brought about by the Vietnam War and anti-war protests.  Driven by a desire to help young people gain a better understanding of their government, he founded the Close Up Foundation in 1971 – the same year 18-year-olds were granted the right to vote.

Close Up’s mission was built on the idea that young people from all backgrounds need a better understanding of the democratic process and their responsibility as citizens. The concept was simple: give students the opportunity to directly engage with the people, organizations, and institutions that represent our democracy, and they will develop the skills and attitudes they need for a lifetime of active citizenship. 

Now more than ever Close Up is an extraordinary opportunity for any St. Pius X High School student.   They will spend a week, along with Social Sciences instructor Mr. Steve Smith, gaining valuable insight into the workings of our government.  They will have the chance to meet students from across the nation and experience Washington D.C., up close and personal.  

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My Close Up experience played a huge factor... helping me determine where I wanted to go to school and what I majored in. It also showed me how much our government and voices affect the world in which we livein.

Najah, Alumnus, Tennessee

I was able to see how citizens of the country can directly influence...

...the course of our nation.

Travis, Alumnus, Nevada

Close Up taught me that I can make an impact...

...regardless of what industry I work in and that, as a citizen, I have the responsibility to change the world.

Lucas, Alumnus, Vermont

St. Pius X students, along with history teacher, Mr. Steve Smith, gain valuable insight into the workings of our government, have the chance to meet students from other states and experience our nation's capital, Washington D.C., up close and personal.

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