Property Donation

St. Pius X Unveils Exciting Expansion: New Property Acquisition

After over five years of dedicated discussions and with the invaluable support of our community, St. Pius X Catholic High School is thrilled to share the successful acquisition of the 3.63-acre parcel at the forefront of our campus. This milestone marks a pivotal moment in St. Pius X history, made possible by the dedication and contributions of many individuals, for which we are immensely grateful.

Looking ahead, we are excited to reveal that this new property will be utilized for a baseball field. This opens up opportunities to expand parking facilities and add a track, enhancing the overall infrastructure of our school. For any inquiries regarding the property and our plans, please reach out to Jim Lehn, President, at 314-608-0669 or Your continued engagement is crucial, and we appreciate your involvement in shaping the exciting developments at St. Pius X.

Thank you for supporting St. Pius X Catholic High School.