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BSW Catholic High School Program 2018
Summer Social Work Program at Fontbonne University in St. Louis...more information

William Pablo Feraldo Memorial Foundation Scholarship Program.
St. Pius can nominate three seniors guys for this scholarship . Go here to see if you qualify and if yes, see maz. There must be substantial financial need.

Deadline: 3/31/18 See maz to self nominate. 

2018 Scholarship Information form HonorsGradU
Whether through essays or multimedia, students have used their voices to share visions for a better world. So, here's their chance to put them to action! We're asking high school seniors to submit a proposal for how they'll better their communities. Because this will be a much more rigorous process with multiple rounds, we're also raising the bar for tuition awards: from five $1,000 tuition awards to five $10,000 tuition awards! We will also fund the top project up to $5,000.

Deadline: 4/8/18 More information here

BenU Visitation Day | March 3rd
Open House at Benedictine University in Springfield, Illinois.  We have two graduates there right now. 
More information here

2018 Mizzou Medical Explorations Summer Workshop
Mini medical camp at Mizzou for current sophomores and juniors.  
See the flyer - More information here

Hello from Mizzou Engineering!
Summer engineering programs at Mizzou for grades 9-12. (i.e. Lego Robotics!) More information here

Employment Opportunities for High School Seniors! - STLCC
Seniors wanting to enter the work force - Job opportunity. 
More information here

Murray State - Commonwealth Honors Academy
Juniors:  A terrific summer program at a terrific university just three hours from home.
Deadline: 3/1/18 More information here

Explore Nursing Program at Columbia College March 13
Columbia has a proven nursing program.  Highly regarded. Tour the nursing facility and meet students and instructors (including maybe two St. Pius grads currently in the nursing program!) RSVP at

Beloit College -  Hello from the Center for Language Studies
Summer opportunity to learn a language.  Chinese, Japanese and Russian.  Wouldn't THAT be cool?  7 weeks at Beloit on the southern edge of Wisconsin.
Deadline: 3/15/18 More information here

MOCPA Scholarships Available - Deadline to apply February 23, 2018
Reminder of this scholarship due date and a reminder the Charles Cross scholarship is due Feb. 15th

Current juniors only - This is new and intersting - 2018 Missouri Public Affairs Academy 
8 day summer program at MO State to "explore leadership skills along with the ideals and practices of civic engagement. July 7-14 Includes a day trip to Jefferson City. $50 total cost!  EVERYTHING else is paid for!
Deadline: 3/1/18 maz has the paper app.

Employment Opportunities for High School Seniors at STLCC!
2 area technical programs for you to think about, especially if you do not want to go the traditional college route and want to move quickly into the workforce directly out of high school in a field of increasing demand. Students  If you look into this, please tell Maz so we can chat a bit about your interests and these opportunities. More information here 

French Career Day for your students!
A neat and innovative program for those of you interested in using a foreign language in your careers.  Go for it! 
Wednesday, February 21, 2018, 3:00 pm-4: 30 pm, Webster University, Browning Hall, Auditorium (#36 on the campus map) More information here

St. Louis Community College-bound seniors take note!
Wednesday, Feb.28  Senior Snapshot of STLCC  and Tuesday, March 6 A+ Information NIght

The University of Tulsa offers screenwriting and filmmaking camps for high school students
University of Tulsa Screenwriting and Filmmaking camps this summer! How neat! More information & application
Deadline: 6/26/18

Joyce Ivy Foundation - Summer Scholarship Application Available
Summer program for top achieving sophomore and junior ladies. Apply here
Deadline: 3/5/18

Attend 13th Annual College Opportunities Fair for LD and ADHD Students
2/26/18 - College Opportunity Fair for students with LD/ADHD.  This is a good one.

Rotary Youth Leadership Academy Nominations sought
Amazing summer opportunity for a current sophomore.  Show your parents and get back to maz asap as we have a part in nominating you. This is sponsored by the local Rotary and is held at William Woods University in Fulton, MO. 
Deadline: 2/26/18 More information and form here

Summer Programs at the University of Dayton
VERY good summer opportunity at a VERY good Catholic University in Ohio. I have two nieces who graduated from Dayton.  What a great school...Even if not interested in the summer program, look up Dayton.  The rep has visited St. Pius in the past and I am sure I could get the rep back if there is EXPRESSED interest.  Let me know...Pay attention to each one and what year in school you have to be. More information here

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The St. Pius X College Placement Office helps students and parents understand the complexities of the college admissions process. I work one-on-one with each student to assess their academic and personal needs, leading to an appropriate selection of institutions at which to apply.

Mr. Marty Zielonko




A member of the St. Pius X community since 1977.

(636) 931-7487, ext. 142

B.A. Benedictine College

M.A. Southeast MO State University

Visiting Colleges & Universities 

  • Over 54 colleges, universities, technical and military schools visit St. Pius X High School annually

  • The 693 Program: 6 class wide college tours to 9 colleges and universities in a student’s first 3 years of high school

  • Family college visits

  • College events calendar - list all upcoming college visits to St. Pius, open houses, visiting opportunities, and more

I cannot emphasize enough personally visiting colleges early and often. Car trips to and from campuses are great times to process what the College Search Process is all about. It is time and money very well spent. Making the right college choice based on experiencing the place and investigating its programs and having other schools to compare it against help lead to a sound educational choice with lifelong consequences!

College Credits and the College Search Process

St. Pius X High School offers college credit courses through St. Louis University and University of Missouri St. Louis. 

The result of taking College Credit classes and earning CC credits could include three possibilities:

  1. The college accepts the college credits as a direct replacement.

  2. The college accepts the credits but applies them to the general education credit requirements of the college.

  3. The college does not accept any college credits taken in high school or caps the number taken.

The advantages of numbers 1 and 2 include the student entering college with a higher class status. This allows for a higher priority status when enrolling for the courses that semester and every semester afterwards. The same thing applies to choosing student housing each year.

Another overlooked advantage is when a student is faced with a particularly tough semester schedule he or she may choose to take one less class this semester. Another advantage is in becoming eligible sooner for internships and study abroad.

There is always risk involved. As stated in number 3, college credits may not transfer at all. Colleges are constantly changing their policies regarding college credit transfers. When making your college selection, be sure to know the college's policy regarding college credit transfers. It may sway your final decision.