READ ALL the below and ...A reminder about ACT registration for the Feb. 9 test.

The regular registration deadline is this Friday, Jan. 11. 

Juniors:  Read below as this is you next year at this time.

Seniors:  If you are taking it be sure the college you are accepted to will accept this February ACT. Some do. Some do not. Some of you may even take the April one.  If it can get you another $1,000 a year that translates to $4,000 if renewable.  Not a bad return on four hours Saturday morning.

Juniors:  You should be planning on a college calendar all the dates you plan to take the ACT, college visits, open houses, etc. I strongly suggest you take the ACT, if for the first time, at the April 13th test here at Pius. You should also become familiar with all the stuff on the College Placement web site. And it's free!

Seniors:  Continue the good fight.  Make this last semester count as it is so much easier to gear up in the fall if you do so.  You can do this and you can support each other in these efforts. 

Juniors:  You are all taking the ASVAB test this next Monday morning, Jan 14th in the cafe.  Day 6, Periods 4,5,6.  Go straight there, not to advisory. Bring a pencil. No smoking. 

All together now let's sing:  I don't want to say I told you so.....(for all of the above.)

The Pius Way - De S. Pio Viae 
All the best,

Marty Zielonko, College Counselor
Proud member of Borgia House

As said in Drug Ed a thousand times:  Study History!  Study History! Sir Winston Churchill

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