Girls State for one junior girl

Girls State is held annually for junior girls in Missouri who are interested in politics and how government works.  This year it will be held at the University of Central Missouri State in Warrensburg on June 23-29. The application is online but do not yet do this. This is entirely free as the American Legion Women's Auxiliary sponsors this every year.  There will be 2,000 junior ladies there and every year our junior girl who choose to go loves it. You will be busy from early morning till late at night and you really should be interested in government.  If you are not, DO NOT GO.  It does make you eligible for scholarships in college and it is a great thing on your resume. 

The American Legion Woman's Auxiliary sponsors one girl each from all the local high schools. Their deadline is March 1 but I need to give it to Wanda Kinder here locally by Feb. 15th. 

So, do not apply online like the guys do as they can send as many as apply.  We will choose ONE name from a hat so to speak and the lucky winner will then apply online.  Either email maz to self nominate or see me personally by Feb. 1.  Be sure you can go on those dates.  

See maz for more information.