College Search Calendar

The following is the actual CSC for my son, Dylan, who is just beginning his junior year at Truman State University in Kirksville.  It is essential to make a CSC! We did not do everything on these pages, but having this “roadmap” completed and frequently revised proved immensely valuable.  Put in everything you can as soon as you can.  This includes family functions like Grandma’s birthday on Saturday, Oct 6.  This blocks out any possibility of a campus visit on that Saturday or weekend every year, thus one less visit possibility when most colleges have their fall Open Houses.  Add to the CSC all the ACT test dates, the open houses from the Pius web site (College Counselor’s link) and from your own research.  Add college fairs you would like to visit.  I guarantee many of these will conflict with other things like volleyball games and meetings and a parent working late.  Tough decisions will have to be made and prioritization will have to happen!  Add in known dates or ranges of dates for vacations and plan accordingly. Teresa and I went on some weekend visits without Dylan.  DePauw and Murray are good examples.  Later we took Dylan back to DePauw and kept Murray in mind. I cannot emphasize this College Search Calendar enough.

2007 Dylan’s Sophomore Year

Dylan has visited Hendrix, Coe, Cornell, Knox, Marquette, Centre.

Testing:  Explore, Plan, Princeton Review ACT/SAT, Lexile x 2

Will prepare for ACT beginning Dec. 07 for April 12, 2008 ACT

Will take ACT April 08, June 08, Sept. 08 (?), Oct. 08 (?), Dec. 08 (?), Feb.09 (?)


September  16th Marquette, Thursday FB 20th,Friday 21st Hendrix, Truman & Westminster 22nd , Dayton 23rd. Belmont 29th.

October  Sat. Oct. 6 Mom Z BD!, Monday, 8th  Depauw, Tues. Oct. 9 Our anniversary! 

Hendrix, Knox., 13th Westminster  Sun. 14th Marquette, 19th (No – DZ FB)Westminster Sat. 20th Belmont, 21st  Dayton, 22nd Hendrix, Tuesday, 23rd do Hendrix table at Jeffco College Fair After Grad School class,29th Depauw

November  Thursday, 1st FB, Friday 2nd Hendrix, 3rd , 4th and  5th Westminster overnight and class, Cornell Family Weekend, Nov. 2&3, Sat. Nov. 3 Open House Depauw, 9th Knox open House, 11th Dayton Open House (have RSVP), Monday the 12th Cornell Preview Day,  17th Belmont, Westminster

December   Begin ACT Online Prep Course,   7th Westminster-  Christmas in London

Dump Dylan’s money? Grandpa Z’s Mass 11 a.m.

2008  Dylan’s Junior Year

January   Monday 21st Knox, 18th Westminster, Friday, 25th Hendrix

February Friday, 1st and 8th Hendrix and Monday 18th,  2nd Westminster,  29th Junior Day  Begin search for summer courses, internship, program i.e. Colorado?  Shadowing P.T.?

Went to Westminster and Truman, Jan. 25 &26.  Went to Truman and Hendrix, Feb. 15,16,17,18.DZ sat in on classes at both.

March  Baseball begins,  8th and 28th Westminster

April  Junior class college tour, April 18.  ACT on 12th,  18th Westminster Jr. Day ACT First Time 4/12,  Friday, 25th Jr. Visit Day at Hendrix.

May   Plan possible campus visits through summer. Cornell Preview Day for Jrs.    

June ACT on 14th  2nd Time, Cornell Summer Preview Day #1, June 24   

July  Cornell Summer Preview Day on the 19th. Begin Marquette app?

August - Begin Dylan’s Senior Year.

August   Begin Applications.  If Marquette, this must be finished now! Iowa Private College Week 4-8 for maz and tmz

September   ACT Not at Pius 3rd Time?  Last visits? Academic night at Pius (Tru. West.UMSL) Begin work on essay.

October   ACT  4th Time,  Applications in by Oct. 1 Jeffco College Fair

November   Get Dylan’s FASFA PIN  Ours is in Den desk drawer (far left) with Harper’s old FASFA stuff

December  9th? ACT?  Grandpa Z’s mass 11 a.m.

2009      January  File FASFA, Begin watching for local scholarships.

February   ACT?

March    Track begins

April    ACT?

May  Graduation

June  ACT? Summer course at Jeffco?  July Work, August  Begin College

September    Is backup plan needed?

Tentative Campus Visits

G7  Fri. Sept. 21  Harper BD!  Hendrix  or  Sat. Sept. 22 Truman   FB?  RSVP?

Sat. Oct. 13  Westminster  FB? RSVP?
Sat. Nov. 10  DePauw, and Sun. Nov 11 Dayton  RSVP?

B3  Fri. Nov. 16 Centre and Sat. Nov. 17 Belmont   RSVP?

Thank you notes made in advance.

Todd Eberle, DePauw Rep  1-800-447-2495  DePauw 4 Hrs.  255 Miles

Stephanie at Dayton, Guesthouses ($40) at Residential Services Adm. 800-447-2495 Amy Logan - 800- 259-8864 ask for Nancy.

Ask about maz conflict of interest counselor’s letter.

Essay titles: Dad has Cold Cabbage.  I have Buddy Holly – I Have a Play List for Every Mood – I See Dead People

Dayton  6 Hours and 23 min.  404 miles

The Result:  Ultimately visited eight schools.  Applied only to Truman in October. If Truman did not pan out, we had a backup plan which included Marquette, SEMO and Murray State.  Accepted in early November.  Took ACT four times: 22,21,24,21 Composites. Has applied for only one outside scholarship that he has even a remote chance. Did not get it.  Received $1,000 Boys State and $2,000 Automatic Truman Scholarship for GPA and ACT. In May received Leadership Scholarship from Truman based on his Portfolio.  This is 23% of total cost of Truman.  Hoping to end up at 33%. (+1,200 more) -  Updated 9/09 - Received $500 American Legion Scholarship and Stephanie Medley Scholarship for $1,000  and the local Rotary Scholarship for $750.  These last three are not renewable.  Dylan took out a $5,500 Stafford (Student) Loan. This he will begin to repay after college.  This year we were able to pay the difference from the combined five jobs my wife and I have.

 Dylan went into the process as a possible Exercise Science possibly later PT major. Coaches Woods and Tildon at Pius and Dr. Koch at Truman were major influences. Since then, he has thought about and we have investigated: Psychology because our own Rick Wood turned him on to this and Scott Taylor turned him on to reading. Included in this are constant family discussions about everything from politics and the recent election, history, music, movies, geography and travel, etc. This has further changed to possibly Business and specifically Entrepreneurship because we talked about him owning his own business, possibly a fitness place like Gold’s Gym.  Also now in the mix is something to do with music, another passion with Dylan because of            A. Reading (we have books everywhere in the house and Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report, USA Today Newspaper and Rolling Stone), and B. Misters Taylor, Wood, McCreary, the Decostys and because of his old man who likes the blues though Dylan really doesn’t.   Because of this growing interest he has considered music management.  Then, the latest idea is Sports Psychology and Therapy.  He is so confused and I think this is great!  Once he got to Truman his world exploded and he now realizes the opportunities and possibilities are even bigger and better. As of November, 7, 2009 the hot interest is exercise physiology and then later occupational therapy.  We have also recently discussed adding a business minor.  In addition, Dylan has consulted his Academic Advisor (also for choosing his courses for the spring semester), and Dr. Byrd, his ES professor, and Dr. Koch, his Irondog coach, and Dr. Lantz, the department dean. As parents, we are very happy with how proactive he has become.  He and we are very happy with these outcomes. Time will yell!

Updated in the fall of 2010:  Justice Systems major with an anthropology or business or psychology minor!  Things continue to evolve. I am proud to say Dylan went to practically every concert, every speaker, film series offered by Truman and was not bored even one weekend. He called the ambulance for himself when he has Mono and was hallucinating! He missed a week of school and his professors were very accommodating.  He changed roommates again and now will live with a friend of Hispanic heritage from Chicago whose parents were born and raised in Cosa Rica. Several of his new friends are from St. Louis, so he spent a bunch of time in the Delmar Loop and Kirkwood.  He has a paid radio station job and a two hour radio show once a week, hopes to join the Student Activities Board, kept his grades up to maintain his scholarships, is considering a fraternity,  and is just taking advantage of everything Truman has to offer.

Updated in the fall of 2011:  The current major is Communications with a possible minor in Business.  He lives right off campus in an apartment with last year’s roommate from Chicago. Adam is a Biology major and possibly pre med.  Dylan continues to work at the radio station on campus and he receives about a thousand dollars a year for this.  The big summer project was as head of the Fall Festival Committee.  He has been actively working with the Student Activities Board President to deal with their booking agent in Philly to spend upwards of $100K on the music acts.  What a great and often frustrating ordeal.  He went back to Truman twice for this. He worked a full time job again at Rose Lawn Cemetery and went to too many concerts to count!  Included in this was a five day stint in Manchester, Tennessee as a volunteer (and this paid for his admission, $275, and some meals) at Bonaroo. 100+ bands – 100+ degree heat – Met 30,000 people from all over the world. Went with his friend from St. Pius,  Katie. Then he went to another concert in Chicago, with Truman and St. Pius friends. Made two contacts via friends for possible internships next summer. Also considering applying for an internship with the Lalapalooza Event Planning something or other… They travel the country setting up concerts.  Applying for and planning on a study abroad trip next spring semester. Very expensive, but we are going to make it happen. 3.75 GPA last year, so his scholarships are renewed. Many trips to his Advisor. And he turned 21!

- Updated in January of 2013 as Dylan begins his final semester.

Dylan spent about six weeks of the summer before his senior year with a paid internship at the main student activities building.  He worked on summer orientation activities run through his boss who coordinated all the activities which happened in this building from small meetings of four people to major events for hundreds like the Freshman Orientation.  He also continued his Student Activity Board (SAB) work and took a class in order make the senior year course load lighter as he will be looking for a job.  He is burned out on the academic side of college and does not want to go straight to graduate school.  We support this decision.  Dylan attended a Truman hosted Job Fair after extensive preparation of his cover letter and resume.  This landed him a series of interviews with Target for the eventual position of store manager.  This was extensive in that there were phone interviews, face to face interviews and he had to submit writing samples.  Unfortunately, after the third of the four required interviews in their process, he was told there would not be a fourth interview.  He and we were of course disappointed, however, we were not shocked.  As he enters his final semester, the job search continues.  He has contacted the booking agent from New York he worked with closely for three years on SAB.  He has also contacted the couple who own the business which coordinates the consortium of study abroad programs of which Truman is a member.  These were the people he met when he came back from his study abroad to England.  He spoke to prospective Truman study abroad students alongside this couple who was traveling among the consortium schools to promote the program.  He has also contacted some other people he has met through the years for a St. Louis company with a St. Pius parent connection.  He is also considering applying to Americore.  We see Americore as a bridge to the working world, something he would be good at and ideal for his time of life as a single, college educated young man willing to go anywhere and do pretty much anything.  Time will yell… 

- Updated 8/2013

Dylan graduated in May and had been aggressively searching for jobs in many cities:  Chicago, Denver, Austin, St. Louis, Kansas City, etc.  To no avail.  Soon after graduating he had a second interview to be the St. Louis Regional Representative for Avila University in the suburbs of Kansas City.  It came down to the final two and Avila chose to go with an Avila graduate.  He got an interview at Schafly’s Taproom as a guide for the beer tasting area at Schlafy’s craft beer brewery.  This was only on Saturday’s for about five hours. Then, he had a second and third interview with Apple to work in sales at the Galeria store in Brentwood.  He got the job and was able to keep the Schlafly’s job also.  So he now works five or six part time days a week and gets a total of about thirty to forty hours a week.  We are fortunate as he can stay there and still be on my health care benefits until he is 26.  He just turned 23.  His communications degree is paying off in the rough economy.  His college experiences have also paid off very well.  Dylan continues to search for full time work – again in cities all over the states.  He moved in with his sister in St. Louis which helps out both of them.  His mother and I do not want him to move, but his youthful restlessness is driving him to search far and wide. (His semester in England really did this to (for) him.

I want the same for your sons and daughters! Make a calendar.  Please make a calendar…