Army ROTC Scholarship Application Window is Open - Please disseminate

I am the Recruiting Operations Officer for the Army ROTC program at Missouri State University. I have some scholarship information that is critical for high school seniors due to application deadlines.

You may already have a college representative and/or an Army Recruiter that works with your school, but the Army ROTC program is somewhere in the middle.  We do not recruit directly for military service, but rather a college first approach.

After graduating from college, ROTC students can commission as an Army Officer into one of three Army components:  Army Reserve, Army National Guard or Active Duty.

Students can cross over from one component to another when they graduate and commission.  This means they can benefit from the Army National Guard while in college and still commission into active duty.

I have attached an informational brochure that might help. It would be a great help to me and a benefit to your students if you would forward this attachment to your senior student body.

The information provided is not specific to Missouri State University. Any eligible high school student may apply for the Army ROTC scholarship and attend any university across the nation that has an Army ROTC program.

    - Students do not have to have any previous JROTC experience

    - High schools do not need to have a JROTC program

    - Students who are planning to apply to a service academy should also apply for the Army ROTC scholarship as a backup plan – they can decline a scholarship offer if they choose to take another path.

    - Army ROTC scholarship pays full tuition and fees, or pays a flat-rate $5,000 per semester towards housing

    - Contracted ROTC students also receive a monthly tax free stipend of $420 /month while enrolled in classes

    - Students who do not have a GPA or ACT/SAT scores to be competitive for a scholarship can join the Army National Guard and receive 39 credit hours of tuition assistance annually

    - Additional benefits are available, but too much to continue listing

I am always available if you have any additional questions about the Army ROTC program. I can also come to your high school to visit and speak with any advisors, counselors, or students who want to know more.

Let me know how I can help you or your students.




Phillip (Rob) Roberson

Enrollment & Scholarship Officer

Department of Military Science

Missouri State University

931-802-3907 (mobile) - preferred

417-836-5793 (office)


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