A little bit of this. A little bit of that. Odd stuff too. Seniors: Look at the scholarships!

Webster University offers a High School Screenwriting Competition.  The winners of this competition will have his or her script produced during the summer Filmmaking Camp and is able to attend the camo for free. 

Speaking of the Camp. Webster offers three neat summer camps.  Music Recording, Filmmaking and Game Design.  All of these have limited enrollment so act soon at webster.edu/mediacamps

Mississippi State University has two Spring Preview Days:  Feb. 18 and March 25.  These are very popular and you best sign up ASAP.  Mississippi State has everything you could want.

All pf the following has been previously posted via emails to your Classof and post on the College Placement web site. 

Sophomores interested in HOBY  - a free youth leadership camp  at Central MO State  June 7-9.  This is really neat. Self nominate to Maz.  We can only nominate one student. NO ONE has self nominated to me as yet. 

Juniors:  Interested in Boys or Girls State.  See maz .  Third reminder. 

We can send several boys but only one girl.  NO boys have seen me to self nominate. Two girls have seen me for the one position available. The girl candidate will be drawn from a hat so to speak. 

Senior scholarship reminders.  These have all been posted previously.

Festus/ CC Elks Scholarship Due March 1 

Jefferson County Association of Educational Office Personnel.  This was via Erin Bergmann who fought for this for us this year. It is for a whopping $750!  march 15 deadline.  ONE PIUS student will receive this.  To date NO ONE has picked up an application though this was announced Dec. 5.  I cannot write the letter of recommendation. 

Festus/CC Rotary Scholarship. Pius can send three and I have the first two. March 1 deadline but you better get on this as it requires an essay and a letters of recommendation.  This is one that I will not write the letter as I cannot be fair to all three. 

The Pius Way - De S. Pio Viae 
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